Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

START-UP Designers

Adam Kost

18 years old
Student of comprehensive school Českolipská Praha

Collection – Continuous nothingness

The ability to perceive time forces us, at some point to break through the endless flow of past into future, in order to anchor our lives.
Yet it is extremely difficult to determine, when this point occurs, for every beginning is a series of consecutive events in time and space. To create a continuous sequence of points without beginning or end is “Continuous Nothingness” within which the spiral guides our existence.
And the spiral is a symbol of timelessness and extravagance unwinding is the inspiration at the root of my collection. The materials are natural in shades from gray to black, and the spiraling zippers punctuate the open ended symbolism.
This collection is for the self-confident man; an ambitious man who is not influenced by the immediate or by superficial trends. His life spiral takes place in the pulsing streets of the city; his style reflects the desire for beauty, passion and sophistication, but also exudes masculine strength and independence.