Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

START-UP Designers

Jana Mikešová

  • Collection: Lost&Born

There are days…
…when I am vulnerable, when I need to be protected and I seek shelter and safety
… when I have to be strong and I look for any place where I can disappear
… when I want to be someone different. The point of (re)birth then becomes the point of birth. New identity, new feeling.
The LOST&BORN collection introduces contrasts that translate into fashion objects. The contrast between the cut consisting of simple geometric patterns and a complicated structure create the shape and dynamic of the garment.
Inspired by paintings of Michaela Maupicová and fascinated by craftsmanship Jana designed perfectly intertwined wraps, vests, sweaters and macramé dresses. The modern approach to traditional artisanal techniques is the alpha and omega of Jana Mikešová´s LOST&BORN collection.