Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

Designers and Brands

Orsolya Csík

  • Brand: Orsi Csik
  • Collection: inQ

The designer earned her MA in Apparel Design in 2010 at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. Already during her university years, she was keen to experiment with exciting shapes for clothes that enhance three-dimensionality and highlight concealed layers of meaning. She examined the difference between masculine and feminine clothes with her thesis project, and likes to ground her work in notions of what constitutes a typical men’s or women’s clothing as they relate to street wear. She tried her hand at costume design and has also designed for industrial-scale Far Eastern production lines. The INQ 2014/2015 collection is a showcase of her idea of the feminine look at the middle of the new decade.

This collection consists of some casual, yet unusual pieces that achieve a simple and low-key look. Matching up materials of similar colour but contrasting character creates stimulating effects without being flamboyant, while the simplicity of some of the other pieces allows large-scale, structure-defining folding and layering. Rounded collars, white blouses, and natural leather-and-wood accessories round out the collection so that it is easy to identify with for every twenty- and thirtysomething woman whose idea of sophisticated appearance leans more towards relaxed look than formal.


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