Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

Designers and Brands


  • Brand: TOMBOLINI
  • Collection: F/W 2013

Poetry in the fabrics selection and lightness in style
Well manufacturing following the typical Italian style and luxury is the main goal achieved by Tombolini whose results meet the requirements of the most demanding elegant men.When you touch a Tombolini suit the particular soul of the fabric expresses something special. Quality is not a trick: it is family poetry. Every suit tells the story of expert handworking who tailored it: Tombolini carefully combines old artisanal expertise to uptodate luxury. It brings to memory tailors from the past mixed with the future as summarised in the motto: “  Future has ancient roots”.  The new era is light. The lightness is the main concept of Zero Gravity, with its soft silks and wools that hold you in a warm embrace. The symbol of easy and comfort is represented by the jersey Flying Line. The Dream line is a revolution of a classic style to be used also daily.Tombolini expresses all its style even in the most sports line, which shows a special attention to  details and the introduction of accessories combining the typical Italian craftsmanship and refinement in the design.


Runway, Contact: Břehová 7, Praha 1, 110 00