Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

Designers and Brands

Mirka Talavašková

  • Brand: Mirka Talavašková
  • Collection: w/2014

Mirka Talavašková: “I prefer sober elegance in luxurious materials and high quality workmanship.” Mirka Talavašková is one of the leading Czech fashion designers. Her artistic worldview was shaped initially in her mother’s tailor shop, and she later studied at prestigious professional schools. Under the tutelage of painter Joseph Ťapťuch, she graduated in Fashion Art from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague–the famous UMPRUM. She gained invaluable experience while studying and working in Paris at the Ecole Superieure des Arts appliqués Duperre Paris and at the Atelier du Sartel, respectively. Insight behind the scenes in the life of the capital of fashion supplied her with the European dimension of her work. She received the Top Styl Designer award and was nominated for the Czech Grand Design 2008 award. Last year became a fashion designer tailor´s salon Delor Couture. Mirka’s credo is to create every piece of clothing so that it brings its owner the possibility of a combination with a variety of accessories, e.g., shoes, handbags, belts, and jewelry. Her aim is to give a woman freedom in decision making, the assurance of high quality, and a fashion that emphasizes a woman’s unique personality.

Collection w/2014 is set into warm autumn colors, where colorful leaves slowly turn from green to yellow, red, brown and are getting darker and darker. This represent the mix of bright and dark colors, which is emphasized with the marerial choices. Coats are made out of luxury Dormeuil materials from collection Luxury Overcoatins, with the composition of wool and cashmere (ocher, dark blue, gray with the structure of fish bones, and black). Coats are then combined with vibrant dresses made of satin and chiffon (Ratti). In the cuts, it is possible to find soft butterfly wings structure in very simple and sophistiated way, which is underlining the overall collection mood.
The collection will appeal to discerning clients who prefer a classic, simple, and elegant style that is influenced by current global trends.


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