Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

Designers and Brands

Iva Burkertová

  • Brand: ODIVI
  • Collection: ODIVI AW13 -When it snows on you, things are still blooming elsewhere

Her winter coat blossoms with her, her evening dress becomes functional clothing. Her swimwear plunges once into tropic waters, then into an icelandic pond. There’s snow around, but her soul is warm. She breathes warm moist air, but her thoughts are cool. A long road lies ahead, but the journey is the destination. She doesn’t feel tied. She goes against the current. Merino wool and bamboo are her second skin. Geometric cuts follow her silhouette, materials are used to the last piece. She can’t say more. She must move on.

ODIVI is a fashion apparel from Prague designed by Iva Burkertová. Collections combine original design with comfortable fabrics you can wear in any situation and still feel unique. Although our collections aren’t easy to categorize, there is something for everyone. Thanks to our enterprising customers, limited collections can be found in a wide variety of environments. You too, can become one of them. Let what you wear become a living representation of who you are. Your wardrobe will love you.


Runway: Saturday, September 21st, 2013, 11:00 a.m.

Contact: Showroom, Plzenska 33, Prague 5