Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

Designers and Brands

Maja Božović

  • Brand: Maja Božović
  • Collection: DREAM MUST BE BEAUTIFUL, F/W 2013/2014

Maja Bozovic is a young fashion designer born in Serbia, she graduated from Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava. She is based in Bratislava and Prague. Maja has participated on many fashion shows,exhibition,competition in Prague,Wiena,Budapest,Bratislava…in 2012 she completed internship with A.F.Vandevorst team (Antwerp, Belgium). Maja Bozovic label was founded by Maja Bozovic in 2013. From the first beginning she uses clothes as a form of communication, as she likes to say” second language” .That is why designed garments leave space for clients to finish a story that she has begin. Key words for Maja’s fashion are dream,power,fredom,atmoshere . Her designs are based on detail, quality fabrics and multifuncionality.

In this collection dream must be beautiful I was inspired by soldier with a strong dream. A soldier that fights all life, that soldier is my vision of woman. She is creative,smart,elegant but opened mind in the same time. She can be everything and nothing. Her dream is like a milky way. A long trip, full options and desires. This ready to wear collection is mixed up from military uniforms and women’s Slovak ethnical clothing in Serbia. My main idea was to create a wearable collection.


Runway, Contact: Sunday, Semtember 22nd , 08:00 p.m.,