Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2013

Designers and Brands

Zuzana Králová

  • Brand: Zuzana Králová
  • Collection: BOHEMICCA Jaro/Léto 2014

KRALOVA_Design is the brand of Czech designer Zuzana Kralova settled in Madrid. Zuzana conceptually inherits the artistic bullish of the interwar period in Central Europe, and perfectly merges that legacy with the Mediterranean spirit, where color is making inroads and confronting in a constant struggle with form, an expressionist form that evokes an interior in a constant need of perfection. Kralova is committed to innovation and differentiation, with collections designed to the catwalk, and a clear inspiration in the art world, but also with garments that can be used for day to day wearing. Clothes that leverage cuts, concepts and solutions developed for prototypes, although adapted to a different use being the result of a thorough study of the female body. The brand mission is to satisfy the need for expression through the garment. This concept produces collections aimed at women who are far from conventional, for whom being one more is not a valid option, women with intellectual curiosity, wanting to risk and provoke to some extent.

MA. Zuzana Králová, Master of Arts at the University Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Czech Republic and Diploma in Fashion Design by Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid, has been a finalist of the National Design Awards in Czech Republic, the Brillance Fashion Talent 2010 in Slovakia and the Top Styl Designer 2012 STYL KABO in Czech Republic. She has collaborated in fashion retailing with brands such as Esprit, Karen Millen and Papaya, and in the field of design with Cortefiel Group where she designed shoes, bags and accessories, with Alpine Pro, Czech outdoor fashion brand, and with Spanish brands like Tantra or Barbarella. In the corporate field she has collaborated with companies such as Panasonic.


Runway, Contact: Sunday, september 22nd, 2013, 03:00 p.m.